Summer Study & Study Abroad

Tuition & Cost of Attendance

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    US JD Students

    Tuition for the Summer term is assessed at a per credit rate of $1,493 per credit. Students will also be charged semester SBA dues of $25

    Students are expected to have their accounts settled by the first day of class. Failure to do this will result in Service Charge Fines being applied to your account.


    Dual JD Students

    Dual JD students are not assessed additional summer tuition charges because their tuition is charged at a flat rate divided evenly between the Fall and Winter Terms. Dual JD students are charged the semester SBA dues of $25

    Students are expected to have their accounts settled by the first day of class. Failure to do this will result in Service Charge Fines being applied to your account.


    Financial Aid for Summer Term

    Students interested in receiving financial aid for the summer period may apply for summer financial aid at the time of summer registration each year by submitting a Summer Financial Aid Form. Recommended deadline is April 1 and we will prioritize processing applications submitted by the recommended deadline. However, students may submit a summer financial aid form any time during the summer term.

    To receive student loans, a student must be enrolled at least half-time in the summer, which is three credit hours. The student also needs to have a current FAFSA on file. Students desiring to receive loans from the federal government for summer 2021 must have completed a 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who have not completed the 2020-21 FAFSA may do so at

    Students must indicate on their summer applications the number of credits and the period(s) they will attend. Applications are processed once the student is registered for the number of credits they indicated on the financial aid application.

    Student loans are available both for study at Detroit Mercy or at host schools via study abroad programs.

Study at Another Institution in the US or Internationally

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    Study Abroad Financial Aid Process

    Students attending classes at another institution or in another institution's study abroad program must meet with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs to have their program of study approved before they may apply for financial aid to attend that program. If permission is granted, the student must apply to and be accepted at the school at which the student's program of study is offered.

    Students who want federal financial aid to cover the expenses of the course(s) must complete the Summer Financial Aid Application (see above) if the program will take place in the summer or must meet with the Financial Aid Office if the program is during the regular academic year. Students will need to complete a Consortium Contract and provide the Law Financial Aid Office with a copy of the approval letter from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and a letter of acceptance to the study abroad program. Aid will be processed only for programs approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

    Once the Financial Aid Office receives the student's Consortium Contract and letters, Detroit Mercy Law will contact the Host Institution to request financial information on a consortium agreement. The host school must be willing to participate in a consortium arrangement in order for Detroit Mercy to process any federal financial aid for the program. Loans will be certified in the lower amount of the student requested amount or the cost of attendance reported by the host school on the consortium agreement, plus origination fees if applicable.

    As federal regulations state that the school may release funds to the student no more than ten days before classes begin, the Financial Aid Office will request funds to be released by the Student Accounting Office on the first available date including or subsequent to the tenth day before the student's classes begin at the host school. If the student is enrolled both at Detroit Mercy and a host school during the same period, the disbursement date(s) will be calculated based on the starting dates for each program.

    It will be the responsibility of the student to pay the host school using the refund money. 

    Student Consortium Contract

    Institutional Consortium Agreement

    Contract/Agreement Tip: download the form prior to completing them. 


    International Opportunities Program

    In support of our commitment to better prepare students to practice in a global legal community, Detroit Mercy Law is proud to offer its International Opportunities Program (IOP).  Envisioned as a meaningful way to encourage and enable students to participate in a summer study-abroad program, the IOP awards eligible Detroit Mercy Law students with a $1,000 loan, which is then forgiven after the student successfully completes the study-abroad program and returns to Detroit Mercy Law for the following Fall term. Since financial aid is normally available for program tuition, this loan is intended to defray travel and accommodation expenses related to such study.

    Students who seek the IOP loan must enroll in one of more than 20 approved study-abroad programs.  These rigorous programs span the globe (i.e., Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America) and will expose students to legal systems other than the United States.

    To apply for the loan, a student must present an admission letter and proof of enrollment at an IOP program. A student with an IOP loan signs the IOP Promissory Note with Detroit Mercy Law. Upon successful completion of all IOP courses (2.2/Pass), transfer of credits, and registration for the Fall semester, the student's IOP loan is forgiven. For more information, please contact Jessica Rouser, Assistant Director of Law Financial Aid.