Expanded Career Opportunities

Detroit Mercy Law students and graduates secure positions at top law firms, competitive judicial clerkships, and positions in government, business, and public interest organizations across the US and Canada.


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    Large Law Firms

    Graduates secure positions with large law firms, often prior to graduation through on-campus interviews in partnership with the Career Services Office. Students typically interview the summer before their second year of law school, work as a summer associate between their second and third years of law school, and join the firm as an associate the following year.

    “The school gives students a real taste of what it’s like to practice. Recent grads come in prepared and ready to work hard, and it’s not surprising that they are landing and doing well at top law firms in big markets like New York, Detroit, and Toronto.”

    Joe Vernon


    Joe Vernon '05 Dual JD, Senior Principal and Resident Director, Miller Canfield, Detroit


    “The Career Services Office does a wonderful job of championing Detroit Mercy Law students, and I would not have secured this position without their support.”

    Matthew Keane


    Matthew Keane '19, Associate, Dickinson Wright


    Small & Mid-Size Law Firms

    Many law school graduates nationally and from Detroit Mercy Law work in small and mid-size law firms. Many of these employers hire students and graduates through on-campus interviews and job postings in partnership with the Career Services Office.

    “Much of my practice comprises of disputes involving multi-national parties and multi-national counsel. Practicing construction law has been nothing but rewarding and I could not be happier." 

    Myles Rosenthal


    Myles Rosenthal '19 Dual JD, Glaholt Bowles, Toronto


    Judicial Clerkships

    Students and graduates secure prestigious judicial internships and clerkships at both the state and federal levels.

    “I knew I wanted to be a law clerk after my first summer in law school when I interned in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Detroit Mercy Law’s focus on legal writing prepared me for being a clerk; I am especially grateful for the Judicial Clerkship Course. After taking this course, I felt prepared to work in a court and for a judge."

    Michelle Shember
    Michelle Shember '19, Judicial Clerk, Magistrate Judge Patricia T. Morris, US District Court, Eastern District of Michigan



    Business & Industry

    Graduates secure high-level positions outside of the traditional law practice.

    “I apply the skills I learned at Detroit Mercy Law on a daily basis. My role is fast-paced and requires a thoughtful and reasoned approach to supporting our people and our business. My law school education prepared me to succeed in this type of role by enhancing my critical thinking and ability to synthesize information.” 

    Christopher Stone

    Christopher Stone '19, Human Resources Lead, Boston Consulting Group, Detroit



    Graduates continue the tradition of service in government positions at the local, state, and national levels.

    “Being an Asylum Officer, I hear the often-devastating stories of applicants from all over the world, many of whom are telling their stories for the first time, and can be the person that grants them a safer new start in America. When I interview asylum applicants, I’m able to be more attentive to their individual journeys and stories because of the previous hands-on experience that I gained at Detroit Mercy Law.”

    Kourtney Lovett

    Kourtney Lovett '19, Asylum Officer, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Chicago


    Charity Dean entered law school believing she would be a prosecutor but through opportunities presented by Detroit Mercy Law she began clerking at the Detroit Land Bank and has grown in city government.
    “It has been an amazing experience working for the city and it happened because of Detroit Mercy Law.”

    Charity Dean


    Charity Dean '15, Director, Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity, City of Detroit


    Kyra Harris Bolden is currently serving her second term in the Michigan State House of Representatives.
    “At Detroit Mercy Law, I had one of the best experiences of my life. I think it helped shape me as a person really gave me direction. I’ve always been interested in public service. I grew up in the community I now represent."

    Kyra Harris Bolden


    Kyra Harris Bolden '14, Michigan State House Representative, 35th District


    Public Interest

    Graduates serve their communities in public interest positions.

    Sara Elhelou


    Sarah Elhelou '19, Staff Attorney, Lakeshore Legal Aid

Build Career-Launching Connections

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    Alumni Working Around the Globe

    While many students choose Detroit Mercy Law because they want to work in the Detroit area, our connections extend far beyond the city. Our 9000+ alumni work throughout the State of Michigan, in major legal markets throughout the US and Canada, and in other countries.

    Working alumni map

Class of 2023 Employment Outcomes

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    The Detroit Mercy Law graduating class of 2023 secured an overall employment rate of 91% in legal and professional positions.

    Each year, Detroit Mercy Law supports graduates with securing employment and is required to report the employment outcomes of graduates as of ten months following graduation to the American Bar Association (ABA).  The Detroit Mercy Law graduating class of 2023 secured an overall employment rate of 91 percent in legal and professional positions throughout the US and Canada.Employment Summary Report, 2023


    The Detroit Mercy Law employment outcomes include graduates of the Canadian & American Dual JD Program.

    For the 2023 Dual JD graduates, 96 percent secured articling or other legal or professional employment throughout the US and Canada. The Dual JD program is the only program of its kind in North America in which students earn two law degrees in three years. Graduates earn a JD from both Detroit Mercy Law and Windsor Law and graduate eligible to be licensed in both the US and Canada. Graduates pursuing licensure in Canada must complete a post-graduation experiential training, similar to an apprenticeship, through articling or the Law Practice Program, before they are admitted to practice law. Learn more about the Canadian & American Dual JD Program