Financial Wellness

Budgeting 101 During Law School

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    Budgeting Tips

    Here are some easy steps to being more financially wise:

    Step 1 - Track Your Spending. Keep a record of every penny you spend for a couple of months, especially the months before law school starts. It will feel difficult, tedious, and boring, but it's important to see where your money is going.

    Step 2 - Actually Save. Saving a few dollars every month is still saving. Put your change in a jar every day. Transfer money from your checking to your savings; if you don't see it you might not spend it. 

    Step 3 - Create a Budget. You don't have to use the budget we provided above. An app might be better for you and there are plenty of free ones out there. Here are a few:

    Step 4 - Review Your Budget. If you have a budget you've been using, take a look at it again. Then about it halfway through the year, take a look at your budget again and see how things have changed.