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Reserve Your Seat in the Incoming Class

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    Respond to Your Offer of Admission

    Please respond to your offer of admission by April 1, unless your offer letter indicates a different date. If you do not intend to accept your offer of admission, please notify us immediately so that we do not hold your seat in the class and can offer it to another applicant.

    Accept Your Offer
    Decline Your Offer

    Submit Your Deposit

    The commitment deposit is $500 USD.  It is non-refundable and will be applied to your tuition and fees.

    The first deposit of $250 USD is due by or before April 1 and the second deposit of $250 USD is due by or before August 1, unless your offer letter indicates different dates. Your seat cannot be guaranteed if you do not submit your deposit by these dates. You may submit the full $500 USD deposit by or before your first deadline, if you prefer.

    Commitment deposits, payable to University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, are accepted online through Titan Pass (preferred) or via mail.  Deposits submitted via mail must be received, not postmarked, by your deposit deadlines.

    Online Through My Portal & Titan Pass

    • Login to My Portal with your Titan Pass ID and PW.
    • Select: Self-Service – Student > Student Profile > Student Account > Pay Now * (CashNet) > Make a Payment > Law Deposit
    • Enter the necessary information
    • Forward a copy of the receipt confirmation to lawadmissions@udmercy.edu

    Please mail checks to the address below.  Deposits submitted via mail must be received, not postmarked, by your deposit deadlines.

    University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
    ATTN: Admissions
    651 E. Jefferson Ave.
    Detroit, MI 48226


    Submit Your Transcript

    Your offer of admission is contingent on the receipt of your final official undergraduate degree transcript.  Both the Detroit Mercy Law Admissions Office and the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) need to receive by August 1 your final official transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting institution that includes the date your degree was granted.  After Detroit Mercy Law receives your final official transcript, we will register you for your first-year courses. If your transcript is not received by the due date, your seat in the class cannot be guaranteed. If you are provided an extension, you will be administratively withdrawn if your transcript is not provided to Detroit Mercy Law by October 1.

    Detroit Mercy Law accepts transcripts at lawadmissions@udmercy.edu (preferred) or Detroit Mercy Law, Admissions, 651 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48226.

    Directions for submitting transcripts to LSAC are available here.

Experience Detroit Mercy Law

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    Schedule a Tour

    The Admissions team is offering tours by appointment. Tours must be scheduled in advance and drop-ins are not permitted. 

    Please see our most up-to-date masking policy.

    For the most up-to-date Covid-19 information, please visit the Titans Together site.

    Schedule a Tour


    Admitted Student Parking

    Admitted students who are visiting Detroit Mercy Law for a scheduled tour or class observation should park in the Larned lot directly across the street from the law building.  Upon arrival, use the main entrance directly across the street from the parking lot at the top of the entrance ramp.  Check in with the admissions team in the Student Services Center, immediately inside the main entrance.

    View a map here.

    All guests and visitors must inform the admissions team of their visits to ensure they do not receive a parking ticket or have their vehicle towed.

Save the Dates

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    Aug. 4: In-Person Jump Start

    Thurs., Aug 4: 2-4 pm (ET) at Detroit Mercy Law

    Jump Start your legal education at this workshop designed to ease your transition to law school. Professor Paula Manning will teach a class and then you will have the opportunity to get to know Detroit Mercy Law and your classmates in person before classes start.

    Details of parking and entering the building to follow after you register. Please plan on arriving at 1:30 PM so we can begin promptly at 2:00.



    Aug. TBD: Border Crossing, International Students

    This event is required for international students.  All non-US citizens in the US JD program must participate.  All students in the Dual JD program who are not dual citizens of both the US and Canada must participate.

    More information and exact dates/times coming soon.


    Aug. 15-18: Orientation

    Orientation will be the week of Aug. 15, with exact dates and times TBD.  Orientation is REQUIRED and will include academic and social opportunities. As more information becomes available, we will share it with you here.

    ACTION REQUIRED: Prior to orientation, read the following required textbooks.
    • Reading Like a Lawyer 2nd edition, by Ruth Ann McKinney (ISBN-10: 9781611631104)
    • Expert Learning for Law Students 3rd edition, by Michael Schwartz and Paula J. Manning (ISBN-10: 1611639654)—Chapters 1-6

    Aug. 22: First Day of Class

Set Up Your Titan Access

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    Titan Number

    You will receive your student ID number (T-number) via email.  You may need to reference your number when communicating with Detroit Mercy departments and offices.


    My Portal & Titan Pass

    You will be connected to Detroit Mercy through My Portal—the University’s online portal.  You will receive your Titan Pass credentials (a username and temporary password) and instructions for setting up your account via email.  IT support is available here and through the University help desk at 313-993-1500 or helpdesk@udmercy.edu.


    Titan Email

    Set up your Titan Email

    • Go to https://portal.office.com
    • Email: your Titan username followed by @udmercy.edu
    • Initial password: will be communicated to you via email

    Instructions for connecting your Detroit Mercy email with your electronic devices are available here.

    Admitted students are required to regularly check and respond to emails and phone messages.  Prior to August 1, we will use the email you provided on your application.  Beginning August 1, all email communications to incoming students will be sent to their Detroit Mercy Law Titan email account.

    Please update your contact information—email, phone, and address—with the Admissions Office at lawadmissions@udmercy.edu to ensure you receive important information prior to classes. 

Connect with Classmates

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    Incoming Class Facebook Group

    This social forum will help you connect with classmates prior to and during law school. Once you have submitted your deposit, you will be able to join the Facebook group. 

     Facebook logo circle

Prepare for Your Financial Investment in Your Legal Education

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    View Tuition Rate & Cost of Attendance

    Please review the tuition rate and cost of attendance budget to understand your financial investment in your legal education.  Please contact the Law School Financial Aid team with questions at 313-596-0213 or lawfinaid@udmercy.edu.

    Additional financial aid information is available on the Financial Aid webpages.


    Plan Your Finances

    Most Detroit Mercy Law students finance their education through a combination of graduate student loans and lines of credit, scholarships, and income from employment or savings. Learn more about these options here.

    The Law School Financial Aid team is available to discuss funding options and to help connect you with resources to finance your investment in your legal education at 313-596-0213 or lawfinaid@udmercy.edu.

    Additional financial aid information is available on the Financial Aid webpages.


    Apply for US Federal Financial Aid

    Students applying for US federal financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The priority deadline is July 1; however, the FAFSA is open now and we recommend completing it immediately to ensure timely processing of your financial aid package. The FAFSA is available at https://studentaid.gov/.  Our institution code is 002323. We process loans as one University, so the only school listed will be University of Detroit Mercy.  Learn more about applying for aid here.

    If you need help completing your FAFSA, please contact the Law School Financial Aid team at 313-596-0213 or lawfinaid@udmercy.edu.

    Additional financial aid information is available on the Financial Aid webpages.


    Start Saving for Fall Books and Supplies

    Students will need to purchase textbooks prior to the start of the fall term so that they are prepared at orientation and on the first day of class.  Textbook costs often range from $1,000-1,600 for the fall term.  Do note, however, that some of the books that you purchase for fall classes will be the same books you use for winter classes.

    Many students rely on federal financial aid to cover the costs of these law school books and supplies.  However, per federal regulations, aid cannot be disbursed until shortly before classes begin. Therefore, waiting to purchase books until federal aid is received does not provide adequate time to prepare for orientation and the first week of class.

    Students are encouraged to start saving for these expenses early.  Some students use a credit card and pay off the amount as soon as their loan money becomes available.  Other students use the library prior to the start of the fall term, as the library typically keeps one copy of the first-year required texts available at the reference desk for in-library use.  However, with only one copy, this solution is often not ideal.

    Students with concerns are encouraged to reach out to the Law School Financial Aid team at 313-596-9417 or lawfinaid@udmercy.edu.

    Additional financial aid information is available on the Financial Aid webpages.

    Accept Your Financial Aid

    Please complete the following to ensure quick receipt of your financial aid.

    1. Accept your award on My PortalSelf-Service - Student Profile > Financial Aid
    2. Complete all of the federal requirements at studentaid.gov  
      • Entrance Counseling
      • Master Promissory Note(s)
    3. Receive credit approval for any credit-based loans (Graduate PLUS, alternative loans)
    4. Set up direct deposit to receive your loan refund for indirect expenses
      • My Portal Personal ProfileDirect Deposit
        • Select Add New
        • Input bank information
    5. Notify the Financial Aid Office if you:
      • Change your division/enrollment level
      • Receive an external scholarship or aid (VA benefits, employer payments, vocational rehabilitation, etc.)
    6. Have finances other than student loans to purchase some materials prior to orientation, as aid cannot be disbursed until shortly before classes begin, per federal regulations.


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    There are many options when it comes to housing while attending Detroit Mercy Law. You can live in the heart of downtown Detroit, or live in a nearby community and commute a few short minutes to Detroit.

    Learn more about housing and finding a roommate here.


    Employment & Other Commitments During Law School

    Law school requires a significant time investment for success. Students should be realistic about their ability to succeed in light of employment and other commitments. It is important to do as well as you can academically, especially during the first year.

    During the first year, full-time students should not commit to employment during the fall and winter terms.

    Learn more here.


    Registration & Student Schedules

    We will register you for your fall term courses after we receive your final official transcript. No further action is required of you for registration. Your class schedule will be available to view in late July or early August in My Portal

    Click Self-Service > Student > Registration > Student Detail Schedule > Select Term: Fall 2022.

    View sample US JD schedules here.
    View sample Dual JD schedules here.


    Your Academic Program

    You were admitted to either the US JD or Dual JD program.

    US JD

    Students admitted to the US JD program are admitted to a specific division—full-time day, part-time day, or extended day.  View sample schedules and learn more about the first-year experience and graduation requirements here.

    Requests regarding switching divisions should be directed to lawadmissions@udmercy.edu.

    Dual JD

    View sample schedules and learn more here about the three-year experience and degree requirements of the Dual JD program here.


    International Students

    Student visas are required for international students. Detroit Mercy Law supports students through the F-1 student visa process. You should also have a valid passport.

    By July 15, please submit (1) a completed I-20 application and (2) supporting financial documentation.  Failure to submit this information could result in forfeiture of your seat in the incoming class.

    Instructions for the I-20 forms

    US JD I-20 Application – to be completed by non-US citizens enrolling in the US JD program

    Dual JD I-20 Application – to be completed by all students enrolling in the Dual JD program who are not dual citizens of the US and Canada

    Students who are not citizens of the US or Canada may need consular approval for student visas. If you are not a citizen of either country, please allow additional time for visa processing.  Visa eligibility is at the discretion of the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Border Service Administration.  Please note that although you may qualify at the onset for a student visa, US and Canadian laws are subject to change, which may impact your ability to continue your studies.

    Crossing Days
    Students who require a visa for enrollment are required to participate in crossing days with their immigration documentation.  Crossing days are typically scheduled the week prior to orientation. More information coming soon.

    Please contact Stephanie Winbigler, Director of Admissions with questions at winbigsn@udmercy.edu or 313-596-9841.


    Health Insurance

    University of Detroit Mercy recommends that each student have health insurance. Student health insurance plans are available through AETNA.

    Visit the How to Enroll in Aetna Student Insurance page for instructions.



    University of Detroit Mercy’s vaccine requirement and exemption policy requires all students, faculty, and staff to provide proof of vaccination or submit an exemption for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.  Learn more at the University’s COVID-19 Vaccine webpage.

    Please see our most up-to-date masking policy.

    For the most up-to-date Covid-19 information, please visit the Titans Together site.



    Students who wish to register for accommodations should review the information on the University Disability Support Services webpage.

Important Notices

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    Update Your Contact Information

    Please notify the admissions office of any updates to your contact information (email, phone, and address) to ensure you receive important information prior to classes. Admitted students are required to regularly check and respond to emails and phone messages. Emails from Detroit Mercy Law will be sent to your Detroit Mercy email beginning August 1.


    Disclosure Requirements & Amendments to Your Application

    At the time of your application, you certified that all the information contained in your application was true and complete. You also certified that, if any answer or portion of any answer was not true or complete or ceased to be true or complete, you had a continuing obligation to inform the Law School. If you failed to disclose information on your application, especially regarding any academic, criminal, or disciplinary information, you are required to inform the Admissions Office in writing at lawadmissions@udmercy.edu as soon as reasonably possible. If necessary, please update your application as soon as possible to preclude any complications with your law school admission and application for admission to state bar associations. Discrepancies between your bar application and your law school application for admission could result in the rejection of your application to a state bar. Failure to disclose, provide forthright answers, or make required updates to the application may result in revocation of admission, reporting of the offense to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), or other disciplinary action.


    Character and Fitness

    In addition to a bar examination, there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every US jurisdiction. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements for any jurisdiction in which they intend to seek admission by contacting the jurisdiction. Addresses for all relevant agencies are available through the National Conference of Bar Examiners. You may review the State Bar of Michigan’s rules and guidelines online at www.michbar.org.

Action Required for Fall 2022

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    Summer Reading

    Many students ask how to best prepare for law school over the summer.  While we recommend simply enjoying your summer and showing up for law school refreshed and ready to work hard, you may want to get a jump start on the required orientation reading.

    • Reading Like a Lawyer 2nd edition, by Ruth Ann McKinney (ISBN-10: 9781611631104)

    • Expert Learning for Law Students 3rd edition, by Michael Schwartz and Paula J. Manning (ISBN-10: 1611639654)—Chapters 1-6

    Also, if you regularly read for pleasure, we recommend finishing any books on your radar over the summer, as many law students report that they do not have time for pleasure reading during law school due to the high volume of legal reading required for classes.


    Order Your Books

    You should order your books prior to the start of classes, as you will have lengthy required reading assignments due the first day of class.  You can check the status of your book lists using the Detroit Mercy Law Barnes and Noble Bookstore website. Please note that you will need your course schedule, which will be available in My Portal late July or early August. Many professors also post their book lists in My Portal

    If you have financial concerns about securing your fall term books prior to the start of classes, contact the Law School Financial Aid team at 313-596-0213 or lawfinaid@udmercy.edu.

    Pay Your Tuition

    Tuition is due by the first day of classes.

    Pay online through My Portal
    Students may make payments on My Portal from checking or savings accounts, as long as the bank is located in the US. Students may also make payments through Titan Pass using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit or debit card, but there is a 2.75% convenience fee.

    Pay online through Flywire (International Payments)
    Detroit Mercy has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for international students. The service provides a safe, cost-effective, and convenient method of making payments to Detroit Mercy in foreign currencies. You can track the progress of your payment throughout the transfer process via a student dashboard and you will be notified via email when your payment is received by Detroit Mercy. To begin the payment process click the button below or visit: https://flywire.com/pay/udmercy.

    pay online with flywire

    Pay by check or money order
    Students may pay by paper check or money order (preferably in US funds) made payable to University of Detroit Mercy. Checks and money orders not payable in US funds will have amounts adjusted according to the exchange rate in effect at the time of receipt by the University's bank. Checks and money orders must include the student's T-number. These payments may be brought into the Law School Student Service Center or mailed to the Law School Student Services Center.


    Request a Parking Permit

    All students are required to have a valid parking permit to use the Detroit Mercy Law parking lots.

    Larned Lot
    While the Larned Lot is reserved for upper-level students, admitted students may use this lot before the first day of class.  View the lot and get directions here.

    1L Lot
    First-year students must park in the 1L Lot beginning the first day of class.  View the lot and get directions here.

    Parking Permit Fees
    • Year-Round: $515.00
    • Per Semester Fall & Winter:  $257.50 per term
    • Summer Only: $30.00

    How to Request a Permit
    1. Register online (link coming soon).

    2. Bring your vehicle registration and student ID to the Student Service Center and pick up your parking permit.  If you do not have your student ID yet, you will need to know your T-Number and present another form of picture ID.

    Carpoolers: ALL MEMBERS of the carpool must come in together as a group and each member must present their student ID and vehicle registration if they will be using their vehicle as part of the carpool.


    Get Your Student ID Card

    Information coming soon.

Schedule Your Scholarship Interview

Scholarship interviews are by invitation only. Admitted students invited to interview should schedule through the buttons below.


Other Resources