Canadian & American Dual JD Program

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Canadian & American Dual JD Program

The Canadian & American Dual JD Program, a collaboration between University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and University of Windsor Faculty of Law, is the only comparative program of its kind in North America in which students earn two law degrees in three years.  The law schools are located just four miles apart from each other, which allows for an integrated course of study at both law schools.  Students in this rigorous program experience two different legal cultures by attending class on both sides of an international border at both law schools.  Students earn a JD from both Detroit Mercy Law and Windsor Law.  Graduates of the Program are eligible to be licensed in both the US and Canada and have remarkable careers working in a variety of settings—from major international law firms in Toronto and New York, to immigration firms in Detroit and Windsor, to nonprofits combating human trafficking.


Students must earn 104 credits to graduate from the Dual JD Program. Sixty of these credits are earned at Detroit Mercy Law; forty-four are earned at Windsor Law.


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    First Year

    All courses in the first year are required. Students spend most of their first year at Windsor Law. Required first year courses are the following:

    • Canadian & American Property (Windsor)
    • Canadian & American Contracts (Windsor)
    • Canadian & American Criminal Law (Windsor)
    • Canadian Constitutional Law (Windsor)
    • Comparative Legal Research & Writing (Detroit Mercy)

    Second Year

    Rising second year students in the program attend summer school at Detroit Mercy Law, then spend most of their second year at Detroit Mercy Law. Required second year courses (including summer classes) are the following:

    • US Civil Procedure (Detroit Mercy)
    • Canadian & American Professional Responsibility (Detroit Mercy)
    • Canadian & US Torts (Detroit Mercy)
    • Canadian & US Evidence (Detroit Mercy)
    • Canadian Civil Procedure (Windsor)
    • Canadian & US Business Organizations (Detroit Mercy)
    • US Constitutional Law

    Additional Required Courses

    In addition to the courses required during a particular year of study, students must fulfill the following requirements during either the second or third year of study:

    • Judicial Review (Windsor—ordinarily should be taken in the second year)
    • Upper-level Writing Requirement (Detroit Mercy)
    • Law Firm Program course (Detroit Mercy)
    • Clinic (Detroit Mercy)


    Students complete electives at both institutions and are especially encouraged to take courses exploring both Canadian and American law, each useful to a cross-border practice. For example, students especially interested in a corporate or business practice may wish to take Cross-Border Sales and Financing Transactions, while students interested in immigration law may wish to take US & Canadian Immigration Law.