Computing & Technology

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    Internet Access

    Wireless internet access is available throughout the library. Public computers are equipped for legal research only, and do not offer unrestricted internet access. Current law students may access the internet from the student computers.


    Print, Scan & Copy

    A photocopier is located on the first floor of the library in the copy center. Photocopies are ten cents each. The photocopier accepts US currency up to $5.00.

    Printing is available from computer terminals and wirelessly. Instructions for printing are available at the circulation desk.

    A scanner is available for use by students, faculty, and staff. It is located by the student computers behind the general reference section. The scanner will send images directly to a user-defined email address.


    Public Research Terminals

    There are computers reserved on the first floor for public access to Westlaw and other library databases. Users have access to state and federal laws, cases, and administrative materials. Reference librarians may be available to assist with research inquiries. There is no general internet access available at these terminals.

    Student Computers

    Student computers are located behind the general reference section. Law students may access the internet from these terminals.

    Microfiche Digital Reader

    A microfiche digital reader is located on the ground level of the library.