On-Campus Interviews

The Career Services Office hosts on-campus interviews (OCIs) throughout the year to connect students and recent graduates with employers recruiting for summer or postgraduate paid legal positions.


Employer Information

Law firms, government, public interest organizations, and corporations are invited to participate.

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    Sign Up for OCIs

    Please use this form to request OCI support from our Career Services Office with recruitment of students or recent graduates for summer or postgraduate paid legal positions. Employers are also welcome to contact the CSO directly to learn more or schedule OCI.


    How do OCIs work?

    When you sign up, we collect information about your recruitment needs and confirm with you. We recommend signing up at least two weeks in advance of your preferred interview date so that we can best support you. We provide you with applications that meet your requirements, schedule interviews with your selected applicants, and host you on campus in-person or virtually for interviews.


    When do OCIs begin?

    Employer participation is invited all year, as the CSO will accommodate employer recruitment needs. We recommend considering the following timeframes for the strongest applicant pool.

    Employers recruiting 1Ls for summer positions are encouraged to participate in the winter term (January through March).

    Employers recruiting 2Ls for summer positions are encouraged to participate early in the academic year (late July, August, or September).

    Employers recruiting 3Ls for post-graduation positions are encouraged to participate throughout the academic year (September through November or January through March).

    Employers recruiting recent graduates are encouraged to participate after the July or February bar exams (August or March).



    cso@udmercy.edu | 313-596-0223

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    Employers agree to observe the principles of nondiscrimination and equality of opportunity on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender including gender identity and gender expression, height, weight, marital status, familial status, disability, religion, creed, military service, veteran status, and political belief in regard to hiring, promotion, retention, and conditions of employment.


    Remuneration Policy

    On-Campus Interviews: Detroit Mercy Law provides on-campus interview services to employers recruiting students or recent graduates for summer or postgraduate paid legal positions.

    Job Postings: Detroit Mercy Law provides job posting services to employers recruiting for paid legal positions. Detroit Mercy Law does not post unpaid opportunities with for-profit entities. Postings for unpaid internships or externships for academic credit are limited to non-profit, government, or public interest agencies.