Philip J. McElroy Scholarship Recipients

The Philip J. McElroy Scholarship is awarded to an incoming law student in honor of the late distinguished graduate’s lifelong commitment to education. Mr. McElroy received four degrees from University of Detroit Mercy, including his law degree in 1932. His commitment to education for himself and others was long and steadfast: he was a tutor while in college; he taught Physics at University of Detroit High School for sixteen years, and he trained new associates in his law firm.


William Frush McElroy Recipient banner

William holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan. He is a graduate of Detroit Catholic Central High School. He is pursuing a law degree at Detroit Mercy Law to develop critical thinking and complex analysis skills, as well as a strong moral and ethical background, as he works toward his career goal of serving as an FBI agent.


Connor holds a BA in Religious Studies with minors in Jewish Studies, Asian Studies, and Economics from Michigan State University and an MA in Religious Studies from Rice University. He is a graduate of University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy. He hopes to develop a legal practice focused on promoting religious understanding and compassion for others.