Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA)

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) is threefold: to promote unity and joint action, to promote friendly relations between Muslims and the Detroit Mercy Law community, and to endeavor to increase understanding of the religion of Islam and Muslims. To achieve our mission, we conduct social and cultural events on campus. We also promote off-campus religious activities, create networking opportunities with the local diverse legal community, coordinate with local Islamic organizations, and volunteer for various local organizations.

Board Positions:

President: Ola Faraj

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Camy Shaaban

Secretary: Angela Esseily

Goals and Purposes:

  • Articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Muslim Law Students.
  • Foster and encourage professional competence.
  • Focus upon the relationship of the Muslim Law Student and the Muslim Attorney to the American legal structure.
  • Instill in the Muslim Attorney and Law Student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Muslim community.
  • Influence the legal community to bring out meaningful change to meet the needs of the Muslim community.
  • Encourage Muslim Law Students to pursue careers in the judiciary.
  • Facilitate the cultural, religious, academic, and professional development of its members through innovative programming on national, circuit, and local levels.

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