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The goal of the Lawpreneurs Association is to establish a community of passionate lawyers, who are inspired to transform the society through innovation and entrepreneurship in the legal field. The mission of the association is to help law students startup their own businesses and commence their entrepreneurial journeys while drawing from their legal experiences and skills acquired in law school.

Leadership 2022-2023

Lawpreneurs Association Executive Board

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    Planned Activities

    • Invite lawyers to talk with members to discuss how started their own firms and the process.
    • Introduce a new event called “over a cup of coffee” in which students will be matched with a lawyer and will have a chance to be mentored by them over a course of 3 months. The kind of mentorship that will be given will solely depend on what the student is looking for, for example, if a student wants to understand how to startup their business and needs help with that, or if a student is looking for a mentor that can help them in building their written and verbal skills.
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