Hispanic and Latino/a Law Student Association (HiLLSA)

Detroit Mercy Law's Hispanic and Latino/a Law Students Association (HiLLSA) aims to further the interests of the Hispanic community in our legal studies and practice. HiLLSA encourages minority participation in the legal field, and also advocates for community service to benefit the underserved. By bringing awareness to aspects of Hispanic culture, HiLLSA aims to further the diversity that makes our law school an outstanding place to learn. Finally, HiLLSA serves as an affinity group to Hispanic and non-Hispanic students alike, to connect with professionals, other students, and members of the community. HiLLSA would like to serve as a place where students can see the law through the lens of our community which makes up, not only a great number of lawyers, but also a great number of clients that the law school assists.

Leadership 2021-2022


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