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The Immigration Law Association is a student organization concerned with immigration law and policy in the United States. The organization seeks to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members. The organization believes that the principles of decency, reason, humanity, and compassion must have a place in immigration law and policy. The organization also believes that those who enforce immigration law and policy must have concern for the way in which it affects the lives of people. The organization’s goal is to uphold the hope of creating an America better for all.

The objectives of the organization are to: (1) increase member and student participation in advocacy for immigration-related interests by (a) informing members and students about current U.S. immigration law and policy and (b) enhancing respect for immigration law. The organization also seeks to (2) increase the level of knowledge and responsibility of its members by (a) empowering members in pursuing their interest in immigration law, (b) promoting competent, ethical, and lawful immigration services, and (c) encouraging and facilitating member participation in, and support for, pro bono services and programs.

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    Solidarity Letter

    The Detroit Mercy Law Immigration Law Association recognizes that immigrants fight tirelessly to come to this country and are often met with the harsh truth that every system in America is racist. The immigration system is racist. Education is racist. Medicine is racist. Criminal justice is racist. Housing is racist. Drug enforcement is racist. Law enforcement is racist. Specifically, these systems have been used as weapons for centuries to disenfranchise Black Americans. Upon becoming aware of these systematic injustices, Americans voice their solidarity by taking to the streets and standing in solidarity with Black Americans. For immigrants, this is not so simple. Please take a moment to read this article discussing immigrants and their justified fears of protesting alongside Black Americans:

    As it relates to the murder of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement officers, it is known that police do not differentiate between different demographics of Black Americans. Police do not care about sex, gender, age, economic status, or immigration status when it comes to killing innocent Black people. Please read the following Times article regarding the shootings of Alfred Olango and David Felix: law enforcement is inherently prejudicial against Black people, Black immigrants are more likely to be stopped by police and deported. While only roughly 7% of undocumented immigrants are Black, they are at higher risk of deportation. Please read this article on the experience of Chris Gustave:

    We have found research to better educate us on Black immigrants and their struggles in this country. Specifically, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration has resources in the form of PDFs posted on their website:

    The fight for comprehensive immigration reform includes Black immigrants. The fight for Black lives includes Black immigrants. The fight for equality, human rights, and love includes Black immigrants. The Detroit Mercy Law Immigration Law Association stands with Black Americans and their overdue justice.

    In Solidarity,
    2020 Detroit Mercy Law Immigration Law Association
    President: Nara Gonczigsuren
    Vice President: Fatmeh Cheaib
    Treasurer: Jocelyn Flemons
    Secretary: Aya Beydoun

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