Honoring Black History: Office of DEIB Feature-Jazmine Goode, 2L

February 19, 2024

jazmine good-ODEIB BHM featureJazmine Goode (2L) serves as the executive treasurer of the Student Bar Association (SBA)—the governing body that represents students, liaises with the school, and oversees all other student organizations. In addition to her leadership with the SBA, Goode is as an active member of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA)—the organization responsible for one of her fondest moments at Detroit Mercy Law and her very own designated parking spot.

“My fondest moment so far would be Vegas Night 2023, hosted by the Black Law Students Association. Vegas Night allows students and alumni to connect and raise money for scholarships. I won a 1L book scholarship and a parking spot for the 2023-24 school year with my name on it.”

As a first-generation college and law student, Goode values representation in every level of education to help facilitate network connections for advice and mentorship. She encourages law students to ask for feedback and build relationships with professors during their office hours.

“Do not be afraid to go to office hours. My first semester of law school, I was very nervous to attend office hours. My first cold call was very shaky and nerve wracking. But after I went to office hours and saw what I could improve, and the type of questions faculty are looking for me to answer in a cold call, it was very helpful. It also helped me build a relationship with that professor. So the next semester, I used that confidence, and I went to everyone’s office hours. Then, I created a tradition for myself that after every final, I go back to the professor, and I go over the final. Just to see where I can improve, what writing tips they have for me, and what I could do better on next term.”