Detroit Mercy Law students awarded first place in 2022 Jaffe Transactional Law Meet

March 28, 2022

Alexandra Mathieu Dual ’22 and Rabab Meen Dual ’22 tied for first place in Drafting and placed first in Negotiations in the 2022 Jaffe Transactional Law Meet. The Law Meet is sponsored by the Jaffe law firm and administered by Wayne State University Law School. Teams participate from across the country.

The Law Meet calls for the student participants to apply substantive law in a transaction, while asking them to develop and apply skills and techniques they likely had not been exposed to in law school - contract drafting and negotiating a deal.

For the competition, Mathieu and Meen were asked to prepare a term sheet (letter of intent) for a proposed joint venture transaction in which their client would be contributing technology, talent and some financing for a minority ownership position in an enterprise to develop and market facilities that would use sunlight to convert sea water into potable drinking water.