About the Library

Our Mission

The Kresge Law Library supports foundational research and provides direction for more in-depth research on legal issues of interest to our faculty and students by maintaining comprehensive core collections in a variety of formats on each area of law covered by our curriculum or that is the subject of faculty research. The library provides access to high-quality library services designed to meet the curriculum, research, professional, intellectual, creative, and personal needs of the Detroit Mercy community, and provides Detroit lawyers and residents with access to basic legal information.

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide the highest caliber of service to our faculty, students, and other patrons.
  2. Maintain a collection of resources in various formats that supports the school’s curriculum and the research of faculty and students.
  3. Develop and provide training to give all students the research skills necessary to successfully complete law school and to become successful practitioners.
  4. Provide bibliographic access to the library’s resources in a manner that will organize and make available to faculty and students all library resources in all formats.