Student Testimonials

Federal Judicial Extern
"I was fortunate enough to sit in on a jury voir dire, a jury trial, a couple of bench trials, duty court, motions, sentencings, pretrial conferences, the deposition of a Detroit Police Officer accused of wrongly shooting the plaintiff, and a host of other civil and criminal procedures."

Prosecutor's Office Extern
“I was able to conduct several preliminary exams and even two trials under the supervision of the prosecuting attorney. I was also able to talk with the real people involved with criminal law, including defendants, victims, police officers, attorneys, and judges, and gained a much better understanding of the actual law and procedure. I also learned quite a bit about evidence and how it plays a vital role in the trial process."

Juvenile Judge Extern
"Before working at the Third Judicial Circuit Court, I knew very little about juvenile justice. Now, I have learned about child abuse, child neglect, adoption, and juvenile delinquency. I found an area of the law that I enjoy."

Judicial Extern
"Another benefit of this externship was the two giving supervisors I worked under. I enjoyed their willingness to share their 'war stories' and advice. Upon reflection, sometimes I feel that I learned more about life as an attorney than I did about the law itself."

Prosecutor's Office Extern
"I still remember how nervous I felt the first time I knew that I was going to hold a preliminary exam. I thought I was going to be sick; that's how bad the butterflies in my stomach were. But by the end of my time with the Prosecutor's Office, I could actually feel how I had learned and changed. The nerves and butterflies weren't as bad--my speaking inside the courtroom was smooth and effortless--even making closing arguments got easier."

Judicial Staff Attorney Extern
"Getting some real-life legal experience has made me more confident. Throughout the school year, it was sometimes discouraging speaking with other law students who had legal experience, either in the past or concurrent with law school. I felt like I was at some sort of disadvantage. Using and improving some of the skills that I learned during my first year of law school was very beneficial and will serve me well during my two remaining years."

City Attorney Extern
“My boss has asked me back for a paid job next summer. She also offered that when I am done with school, she would call everyone she knows to try and get me a  job if I don’t have one."

Getting on the Record
“I always tell my friends at other law schools across the country what I do at my externship and they think it’s so cool. 'You actually get to talk in court? Whoa! Amazing!' My parents, both of whom have no idea about lawyers or law school, don’t understand how anyone is allowed to graduate law school without practicing in court first. I've got to say, I have no idea either.

My experience this semester has really polished my court-talk  and taught me just how prepared you need to be even to do a preliminary exam. These are things you just can't learn in the classroom.”

Looking Back
"This externship has definitely helped me in thinking about what I want to do after graduation. My only regret, speaking as a 3L, is that I didn’t do it as a 2L! It would have been tough, because I work part-time, but I probably could have made it work, and who knows how much additional insight I would have gained! Oh well, what’s done is done, but I think this would be good advice for 1Ls.”