Career Opportunities Spotlight: Detroit Mercy Law student hopes to use background in business consulting in future law practice

April 07, 2022

Megz Kubis ’23 will begin working as a summer associate at Miller Canfield PLC in May 2022, a position she landed through On Campus Interviews.  

“The OCI process can be quite stressful because of the ambiguity first-generation law students face when comparing and contrasting firms. I attended the reception that the Detroit Mercy Law Career Services office hosted and had the opportunity to hear several attorneys at Miller Canfield discuss their experiences working at the firm,” she said.  

“What struck me instantly was the camaraderie of all the attorney-participants, it genuinely felt like they all enjoyed working with each other. Coming from a business background, I appreciate the importance of company culture and how it contributes to the overall satisfaction of employees.”  

Kubis hopes to use her background in commerce and business development consulting in her future practice. “I want to gain more exposure to corporate law, in both transactional and litigation settings, to get a better understanding of how my skill set can be an asset to both clients and the firm I will be working for. Miller Canfield not only enjoys a very robust corporate law practice, but they also integrate their Global Solutions and Consulting practices into the value proposition they deliver to client.”  

At Detroit Mercy Law, Kubis is involved with Lawyers Lending Hands and the Business Law Society. She is also working with Associate Dean Nicholas Schroeck and the Environmental Law Society to submit a proposal for electric car charging stations at Detroit Mercy Law.