Dual JD Program

Students in the Canadian & American Dual JD Program earn two law degrees in three years by comparative and interactive study each year on the campus of both the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.

This program gives students a special opportunity to immerse themselves in two different legal cultures and to practice law in a globalized world. Today, the practice of law increasingly crosses borders and this unique program allows you to earn both an American JD and a Canadian JD in the same three years it takes most law students to receive one degree.

Program Format

The Dual JD Program provides a rigorous course of study, well preparing students to take and pass the bar examination in the United States and to write and be called to the bar in Canada.

Course content is substantial as most required classes are taught in a comparative format, meaning you will be exposed to both countries’ laws simultaneously. Given our unique proximity across an international border, students attend both universities at the same time. While the campuses are in different countries, they are only minutes apart.