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Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Students hone their courtroom skills trying a mock case.

Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Writing is integral to the Detroit Mercy Law curriculum beginning with the Applied Legal Theory and Analysis class in the first year.

Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Real Skills. Real Opportunities.

Externships provide students real work experience.

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Managed Printing - FAQ

What is managed printing and how is it different from what was previously available? ▼

In the past, students who used the library printers (either from the student lab computers or from a wireless device) had unlimited no-cost printing privileges.  This policy, uncommon among law schools, resulted in waste, abuse, and unsustainable costs.

Managed printing is a process implemented through a combination of software and hardware controls that gives students greater printing flexibility and security, enables us to be more environmentally responsible, and provides a mechanism for controlling our currently unsustainable printing costs.

Managed printing provides the School with a mechanism to recapture printing costs from those students whose per-semester printing exceeds a reasonable complimentary amount.

Where is the managed printing process in effect? ▼

This process is in effect for any printing that is done to the four student printers in the library.

Does managed printing have any impact on the use of library copy machines? ▼

No.  The use of library copy machines is completely separate and is not affected in any way by the managed printing project.

What if I don’t want to use the student lab computers? Can I still print using a wireless device such as my laptop? ▼

Yes.  You can print to the library printers using any wireless device that can connect to the Detroit MercyLAW network.  By using the wireless printing method, you can send print jobs to the library printers from any location within the Law School.

Can I still use the printer’s IP address to print to it wirelessly as I’ve done in the past? ▼

No.  Use of IP addresses for printing has been disabled.

How will my printing be tracked to me personally? ▼

To use the managed printing process, you must have available:

  • Your Detroit Mercy email address
  • Your student “T” number

If you do not know both of these items, please go to TitanConnect  for assistance. 

When you submit a job for printing, you will be prompted to enter your user name (your Detroit Mercy email name) and your password (the numeric portion of your T-Number)

Can I change my user name or password to something that I choose? ▼

No.  Your user name is linked to Registrar information and must remain consistent with your email name.  The ability to change your password to something other than your T-Number has been disabled because problems with password resets are the most common type of help desk issue and we do not have the resources for increased help desk support.

So if someone knows my T-Number, they could potentially submit print jobs using funds from my printing account? ▼

Correct.  Keep your T-Number confidential.  If this situation does arise, contact the I.T. Department at (313) 596-9835.

What is the “reasonable complimentary amount” that will be allocated for student printing? ▼

At the beginning of every semester, each student will be allocated 150 pages of complimentary printing.  The cost per printed page has been set at 5 cents, therefore each student’s printing account will be credited with $7.50.

What happens if I use up my $7.50 allocation and need to print more pages? ▼

There will be a web interface available through which you can use a credit card to add additional funds to your printing account.  No money will be accepted by the library staff.   Additional pages, priced at 5 cents each, can be purchased in increments of $2, $5, or $10.

All student accounts are reset at the beginning of every term.  Unused printing funds do not carry over into the next term.  Unused printing funds at the end of the semester will not be refunded or applied to other accounts.

Can a student transfer money from their own printing account to someone else’s printing account? ▼


How will I know how much a particular print job will cost me? ▼

Every print job you submit is placed into a holding queue.  You will be able to see on screen how much it will cost should you decide to release the job from the holding queue.

What if I run out of money in the middle of printing a document? ▼

Your print job will not start printing unless you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of printing it.

Do I have to print every job I submit or can I delete print jobs before printing them? ▼

You can delete a print job before it is printed.

Will I be charged for print jobs that I decide to delete from the holding queue? ▼

No.  You will only be charged if the print job is released from the holding queue and printed.

How long will my print jobs stay in the holding queue? ▼

6 hours.  After that time, they will be automatically deleted.

What if someone else picks up my printed output? Will I still be charged for it? ▼

The new system puts all print jobs into a holding queue.  You should only release the job for printing when you’re near the printer and ready to get the output.  Be aware that if someone else picks up your printed output, your account will still be debited for the cost.

Is there any discount for printing double-sided? ▼

Not at this time.  Each printed side counts as one page.

What types of documents can I print? ▼

You can print any documents supported by Microsoft Office 2010 (with one exception noted below) and you can also print PDF files.

At this time you cannot print documents that have a .txt file type.  If you need to print such a document, simply open it using Word, save it in Word format, and then print it.

Can I print pictures or image files? ▼

You must first insert the picture or image file into a Microsoft Office document such as Word and save the document.  The document containing the image can then be printed.

What are my next steps to get started with this? ▼

Review the documents titled “Printing from Library Lab Computers” and “Printing from Wireless Devices”. Everything you need to know to get started printing is contained in these documents.

What if I have additional problems or need help with something that is not covered in these documents? ▼

Contact the I.T. Department via email or at (313) 596-9835.