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Students Won Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition

February 28, 2017

Detroit Mercy Law 3L's Adam Fucile and Joseph Tung Won the Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition

The Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition was held on Friday, February 24 at Northwestern University School of Law, and the Detroit Mercy Law team of 3L's Adam Fucile and Joseph Tung, was the overall winner, earning the opportunity to compete in the National LawMeet in New York on March 31.

The LawMeet Competition is the premier competition for law students interested in developing and honing skills necessary for representing a client in a real-life business transaction.

The competing teams - 84 this year, from across the country - are assigned to represent one of the parties to a pending transaction, and during the two months leading up to the regional competition they get to do many of the things transactional lawyers do in practice - interview a client, structure a transaction, conduct due diligence, draft one of more of the transactional documents, and markup a draft of a document prepared by a team representing the other party.

These activities culminate in the regional competition where each team negotiates with two teams representing the other party to resolve differences between their draft documents in order to complete the transaction.

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