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Moots, Moots and More Moots! Oh My!

Posted by Kathleen Moxley
Kathleen Moxley
Hi, I'm a 3L Dual JD student, originally from Ottawa and now living in Windsor
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on Monday, 26 November 2012
in Student Blogs
So I had intended to make this post specifically about the Dual JD program but with everything else that has been going on it looks like that may have to wait a few days. My November, thus far, has been dedicated mainly to three things. The Ernie Goodman Moot, finishing my Advanced Advocacy paper and getting the moot problem out for the Canadian Law Games. I am pleased to report all of these things are now done. I mentioned in my last post that ...

On being called on in class

Posted by Julia Belian
Julia Belian
Associate Professor Julia Belian, although less than a century old herself, find
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on Saturday, 08 September 2012
in Faculty Blogs
We have just wrapped up our third week of a new school year.  One of the great joys and privileges afforded to me is to teach first-year Property Law.  My students are, I hope, beginning to learn that I expect a lot of them.  In the 1973 film, "The Paper Chase," Prof. Kingsfield begins the protagonist's first day of law school by calling on him to recite the facts of the case of Hawkins v. McGee.  James Hart had not realized ...