Work, School, Sleep, Repeat.

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Kelly Carranza
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on Monday, 23 September 2013
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The semester is well under way and so far there isn't anything too exciting to report.  This is the point in the term that I start to realize how monotonous every single day is.  Everyday it is the same thing: work, school (or homework), sleep (only a little) and then repeat.  Sounds really exciting right?  Actually, it feels pretty pathetic.  Sometimes I get really irritated that it is my favorite time of year and I get to hear about friends going to the cider mills while I cuddle up with a casebook on my couch or on a better day outside on the deck.  This is law school.  They say it pays off.  Someone also once told me that you can never lose in real estate (I'll let them remain annonymous)...

Whichever way you view that routine, the point is that in order to do well in classes you are going to have to kiss some of the things that you don't necessarily have to do goodbye for a while.  Most days, this isn't such a big deal because there is a big goal to be reached.  Some days, I have to remind myself of that fact.  Other days, I say forget it and deviate from the routine.  Those deviations are few and far between, but it at least gives me a chance to get involved on campus a little and take a break (we all need them!)

During the first weeks of school many events took place  - mostly to welcome the incoming 1Ls.  I deviated a lot during the first weeks.  There was a student organization fair, a kick-off party, elections for SBA officers, meeting after meeting, etc. etc.  These events went really well.  The semester seems to be off to a great start and the student organizations are proving to be very active on campus.  However, it is just the first month of the term and soon it will be time for WAC assignments to be due, moot court briefs to be started, law review notes to have some sort of progress, midterms, and then exams.  It will be here in the blink of an eye (sorry to burst anyone's bubble).

I actually have a WAC assignment coming out this week.  WAC is short for "writing across the curriculum" and most upper level required classes have them.  Typically, they consist of a document of some sort like a memo or an opinion. WACs are aimed at improving your writing skills and forcing you to dig deeper into a particular topic for the class.  They aren't that long but that doesn't make them easy, especially when you have to balance them with your regular class workload and any other co-curricular things you might have going on such as the first 10 pages of a law review note.  So, what do you do then?  Stick to the routine and don't deviate, appreciate the slight change in the type of coursework you're doing, and just believe that what "they" say is more true than investing in real estate.  

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