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Kelly Carranza
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on Saturday, 02 November 2013
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What a busy week!  It has been a while since anything has been post worthy, but lately campus has been full of activity and there's been lots of chatter of bar results, winter schedules, and current events.

To start, this past week the student organization Law Students with Children hosted a Trick-or-Treat event at the school on Wednesday evening. Lots of really cute kids were running around campus in costume collecting candy that was donated by other student organizations and passed out by faculty and administration of the school.  It seemed to be really fun for them, and admittedly it was fun to me to walk through the halls and see these kids collecting their loot with such excitement.  Kudos to those that organized the event and did something fun for the kids while mom, dad, aunt, or cousin probably sat in class! In addition to that event, the Moot Court Board of Advocates hosted a Halloween party on Halloween night after classes and it too was well attended and lots of fun.  We also had a motion day where a Judge brought his courtroom to campus and allowed students to sit in and observe how a motion call runs.  The week before, BLSA hosted an event titled "Law School in the Real World" where the Honorable Dennis Archer was the speaker. October seems to kicked-off the second wind of events on campus!  We all have loads of schoolwork to focus on but it is always a bit of a stress reliever to relax with your classmates who you end up seeing more than your own family sometimes.

Also this week, the bar results were posted.  That means one thing: constant chatter for a few weeks of both good and not so good opinions.  Twice a year the same thing happens: many students pass (yay! CONGRATS!) and some don't.  Then, this list full of percentages gets released and we compare ourselves to other schools and some start to point fingers.  This year, there was a twist as I got a bit of a Halloween haunting associated with the bar results.  There was so much talk about it that I literally had a dream that I failed.  It was not one of those dreams where you just wake up and remember that you had it. Instead, it was one of those dreams that was so real that I woke up with a pounding headache really wondering if it actually happened.  Newsflash: I am not on track to even take the bar until February 2016!  And, if I can do anything about it, I won't be failing (especially after that dream!)  How do I know?  Well, I guess I really don't.  But, I do know that UDMs scores went up and that everyone on campus seems to actively be implementing all sorts of new things to offer extra help for bar prep for anyone that is smart enought to utilize it.  If that continues, as I truly believe it will, then I have no doubt that if I am as disciplined as I need to be with studying for the bar, then the cards will fall as they should.  Guaranteed? Definitely not.  Worth every second trying? Definitely yes.  Can it really be anyone else's fault but your own once you finally get there?  I guess that is a truly debateable topic.

Part of preparation for the bar comes from choosing classes that are bar tested which brings me to the winter schedule.  Really, I cannot believe it is time to register already, but I am looking forward to it (registration means one more semester is almost done!)  This past week, advising sessions were offered to help students pick and plan out their schedules.  For me, as an evening student, the variety of choices is a bit less simply by nature but the struggle to choose classes is just as difficult.  This term I'm trying to decide whether to focus solely on bar tested courses or to add something that truly interests me even though its not a tested subject on the bar.  Mix it up?  Flip a coin? Let the exam schedule decide for me? It isn't easy!  The one piece of advice that I would give to anyone is that no matter what you choose, be sure to keep in mind any co-curricular involvement that you may have and how time consuming (yet still incredibly valuable) those things can be.

Alright, this is getting a bit long.  So, just one last thing: a terrible thing happened to a fellow law student from another law school this week.  Pretty quickly, UDM students started talking about how they could help and began extending our sympathy.  It is tragic, but there is one thing that stuck out as a positive reflection on our UDM community that the incident reminded me of.  Here, the student body really does look out for each other.  We host off campus events; and ILSA steps up to say that they will provide people to walk with to/from your cars for safety.  Many of us night students need a coffee or a snack in between classes and you'll see a group of us go together.  It is commonplace to see a big group of 1Ls making their way to their parking lot.  This gives me a small sense of pride.  I am proud to notice that we don't necessarily do these things merely for safety reasons, but because we are community of students who not only push each other to do well, but who also form friendships along the way.  I'm hoping that isn't unique to UDM but, in the event that it is - that's a perk I'm thankful to have.

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