Farewell UDM!!! I am looking forward to being an active alumna instead :)

Posted by Alison Carruthers
Alison Carruthers
Year: 3L (Expected Graduation May 2013) Student Org: Editor-in-Chief
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on Thursday, 16 May 2013
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This will be my last post as a UDM blogger :(  I graduated last weekend, and now I'm about to start my bar prep class, PASS the BAR(!), and start my career in September!  

To follow up on my last post, life did get a bit crazy after my trial so I never got around to telling you about it.  It sure was hard, but it actually went really well and I can honestly say that I had fun now that I look back on it.  My Trial Practice class really helped me learn Evidence rules, because I finally had some idea of how those rules get applied in real life.  That will help me on the bar exam since evidence is definitely a bar-tested topic.

I had 2 final exams in Federal Jurisdiction ("Fed Jur") and Criminal Procedure ("Crim Pro") which were both pretty tough.  I spent a solid few days studying for each one, which seemed to pay off because I at least had something to write about for each question ;)  We'll see how those grades turn out - but I'm sure I "passed" which is all a graduating 3L really cares about, hehe.  

Graduation was done really well - like past years it was held on main campus at Calihan Hall (the basketball arena).  In general graduating felt strange, and it was really emotional for me.  I'm still kindof in disbelief at how the last 3 years have changed my life.  I'm much more confident, organized, and balanced in how I approach anything.

I have had a really positive experience at UDM, and I want to be a very active alum so that I can have a direct role in the value of my degree.  So I'll definitely be back!  Farewell UDM, for now...

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