Death by Boredom

Posted by Jessica LeFevre
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on Wednesday, 12 September 2012
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I've heard a saying about law school that goes something like this: "The first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death, and the third year they bore you to death." Believing this to be true, I thought that I was surely going to die of boredom during my last year. Fortunately for me, I don't think I'll be experiencing a tedious, law school death. I'm happy to say that this school year has been far from boring! My classes are interesting, challenging, and practical. I have been learning countless new things, which are preparing me for the real world and helping me to become a great attorney.

One class in particular has really stood out to me. It's an elective course called Trial Practice. This class is INTENSE! Every week we have exercises where we must stand in front of the class and perform a designated portion of trial. For example, on the very first day we particiapted in a bail hearing. Professor Krisciunas acted as the judge and I was the defense attorney advocating for my client. I had to say the usual introductions and make all the proper requests any real attorney would have to make at a bail hearing. It was nerve-racking, but great at the same time!

Then last week we had to participate in voir dire. Talk about eye opening!! I didn't think that talking to a jury would be that difficult, but it proved to be more challenging than I thought. Needless to say, I didn't do very well. HOWEVER, I learned a great deal and am extremely thankful for the experience. I figured out where I went wrong and what I need to do differently in the future. I also figured out how I react on my feet and how well I deal with situtations I can't completely control.  

Though Trial Practice makes me anxious and uncomfortable, I am extremely grateful for it. I'm beginning to learn how to prepare myself for similar situations, and how to capitalize on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. Without the class and Professor Krisciunas' guidance, I would be learning everything on my own, for the first time, in a real courtroom. Now that's scary!! I realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to take a class like this and I know that I will be a better attorney because of it. 

(moral of the story: trial practice prevents 3L "death" by boredom)

Have a great weekend! - Jessica  

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