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Posted by Ryan Gutierrez
Ryan Gutierrez
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on Thursday, 12 July 2012
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It’s hard to believe that we are in July 2012. I haven’t had a moments rest, no relaxing trip, or breaks from last semester to the current one. In fact, my final for the Winter term ended on a Monday and my classes started that same week—Wednesday. Since I have enrolled in the dual degree program I have transitioned much.   Initially, being very excited that I am able to undertake law school and the MBA simultaneously, to just wanting to be done with school altogether.   Now I am in the phase of giving it the best that I have and maintaining a steady pace. I have come to a resolve that I will graduate in December 2013 and sit for the in February 2014 (Lord willing).

To date I have completed most of my law courses and only have business courses to go. Pursuing the MBA would not be as challenging for a person whose undergrad degree was in business but for a liberal arts major like myself, I have a “ton” of pre-core business classes that I have to take before I can take the MBA core classes. So, this summer marks my third semester in the JD/MBA program and I’ve only a few more pre-core classes to go. I am enjoying what I am doing because it’s pursuing my goals but in hindsight I would have enrolled in the MBA program either first or earlier on in my law school career. One small piece of advice to students wishing to pursue both is to: (1) make sure you are determined to stick it out for the long haul; (2) create your schedule to end with more law courses – this will keep you in the “legal” frame of mind to reave up for the bar exam; and (3) carve out some down time in your schedule which is totally necessary to recharge your batteries to keep a steady pace and keep up motivation.

This summer I am taking three pre-core business classes, paying for them out of pocket and one law course (directed research) and still working as a legal assistant to help me pay my way through school and support my household.   I have not a second to let my mind drift to the fact that I have been going full force – no “me time” breaks since last fall. The important thing is to hang in there because all good things must end including, my law school career. J

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