2013: A Detroit Odyssey

Posted by Kathleen Moxley
Kathleen Moxley
Hi, I'm a 3L Dual JD student, originally from Ottawa and now living in Windsor
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on Monday, 18 March 2013
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After such a busy start to the semester (or really first half of the semester) I feel like I’m finally settling back into the normal swing and sway of law school. Last week involved 2 smaller assignments, meeting with a professor about one of my midterms and generally just getting myself sorted out for the rest of the semester; nothing huge or phenomenal but a successful week nonetheless.

I was also lucky in that a friend of mine took advantage of March break to come a visit me for a few days. In true Detroit fashion we went shooting, visited 2 micro-breweries and drove through the Heidelberg Project. Let me preface this by saying I’m Canadian and had never held an unlocked, unloaded gun before. Once I stopped jumping it was actually a pretty interesting activity. I still have no intention of ever becoming a skilled marksman but it’s another skill I can add to my list of basic knowledge and definitely a key part of the Detroit experience.

The Heidelberg Project is another unusual, only in Detroit, item. It’s basically a large art installation using otherwise condemned or abandoned houses and done entirely with trash. The houses and yards are covered in bright colors and custom designs ranging from numbers to stuffed toys. It’s not for everyone but is creatively done and uniquely Detroit.

The Detroit area has roughly 20 micro–breweries, many of them also offering tours and/ or great food selections. This weekend we went to the Dragonmead Microbrewery which has a huge selection including over 40 brews and some great atmosphere (although you may want to skip the food) and the Atwater Brewery. The Atwater Brewery is just blocks from the law school, and while they no longer serve food you can enjoy a pint (or board game) with the brew masters right in the warehouse under the vats of beer. Although if you are looking for some of the best pizza and sugar cane soda my favorite place is still Motor City Brewing Works.

After our day out in Detroit we spent a quiet Friday in Windsor. The morning involved a presentation for my Law of Armed Conflict class and then rushing home to get the turkey in the oven for our Turkey and board games night with a few of my classmates.

As most of you probably know St. Patrick’s day fell on a Sunday this year. My particular neighbourhood in Windsor is not known as one of the nicer areas, but what it lacks in reputation it more than makes up for in community spirit. Despite the cold weather all 4 bars down the main street where lined up out the door by 3 p.m., and the entire main street was closed to contain the party. It was a great chance to get out and socialize with all my neighbours (both real and those taxiing in) and the perfect way to start off this week.

With Windsor ending the semester April 12th and UDM not wrapping up until April 25th the end of the year both comes quickly and lasts forever. Fortunately with only one Windsor class my only pressure this year is finishing my term essays for Law of Armed Conflict, but at the same time with 4 weeks to go there isn’t a lot of time to spare.

On tap for the next week:

  • -Practice question for my Bar Exam class
  • -Working on my essays for my Law of Armed Conflict class
  • -Applying to more jobs
  • -Finalizing move out details
  • -Confirming grad dinner plans
  • -Starting orders for Dual JD clothing
  • AND
  •  -The Dual JD multi-year class BBQ

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I'm a 3L Dual JD student, originally from Ottawa and now living in Windsor. I did my undergraduate degree in Political Studies with a minor in Psychology from Queen's University, Kingston. I love to ski and generally just get outside and explore new things. You can contact me at moxleyka@udmercy.edu.