After the FAFSA is Processed

SAR / Award Notification


You will receive a notice emailed from the U.S. Department of Education with instructions on how to view your Student Aid Report (SAR).

You will receive a paper SAR in the mail if you did not provide an e-mail address or if you did not sign your FAFSA.

Award Notification

Expect to receive your award notification by e-mail when your file becomes complete.  The e-mails will be sent to official Detroit Mercy student email accounts.  Students will use TitanConnect to access student account information, including financial aid awards. 

Determine how much financial aid you will need by using the budget information found in TitanConnect or by reviewing our Estimated Costs of Attendance. Confirm the award in TitanConnect by "Accepting", "Declining" or reducing the aid offered. It's that simple!

The University of Detroit Mercy will process Federal Student Loans, including Stafford and Grad PLUS through the Federal Direct Loan Program.  ALL new borrowers to the Direct Loan Program will be required to complete a new Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Students borrowing for the first time will also be required to complete an Entrance Interview as well.  The Entrance Interview is an on-line tutorial about the loan programs. When completing your loan requirements do not be alarmed where there is not an option to specify the Law School as the school you are attending; simply choose the University of Detroit Mercy.

ALL AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO AN ADJUSTMENT if any of the following take place:

Your enrollment status changes

Your living arrangements change

You receive aid not listed on the original award statement

Your employer or another source contributes to your education

Your FAFSA information changes after verification

The granting authority (state or federal government, private agency, etc.) revises its award

If your award changes, you will receive a notification of a change to your award with instructions about reviewing the current award in TitanConnect.  If you know that a change is necessary, please complete and submit a Request for Re-Evaluation Form.

Request for Additional Information: 

Some applications require that additional information be submitted and reviewed before it is complete.  Please respond promptly to all requests and include your student number on each document.