Disability Support Services

The School of Law determines accommodations based on each student’s disability documentation. These accommodations vary from student to student. Examples of accommodations include:

  • an alternative test site
  • extended time for testing
  • note-taking
  • computer-assisted exams

Eligibility must be determined in order to make arrangements for services and accommodations through Disability Support Services.

Students should complete the following steps in order to open a disability file and begin receiving services.

  • Upon matriculation to the School of Law, a student who wants to request services and accommodations contacts the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs. The Associate Dean’s office completes the initial intake process and opens a disability file. The disability file is complete and active once the Associate Dean receives and verifies the appropriate documentation.
  • A student requesting services and accommodations must provide current documentation which is no more than three years old. This documentation must establish and verify all disabilities for which the student is requesting services and accommodations. The School of Law, through the University’s Disability Support Services, provides Guidelines for Documentation.
  • After the Associate Dean’s office receives and verifies documentation, the Associate Dean meets with the student to discuss the student’s request for specific accommodations based on the documented disability or disabilities.
  • The Associate Dean provides the student with documentation of approved accommodations if necessary.
  • Each semester, the student requesting services must meet with the Associate Dean to identify services and accommodations for that semester.
  • A student with one or more disabilities must take responsibility for requesting documented accommodations.

Students requesting exam accommodations must submit a request to the Associate Dean’s office no less than two weeks before the scheduled date of the exam.