National Competitions

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Competition

The ABA Law Student Division National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) emphasizes the development of oral advocacy skills through a realistic appellate advocacy experience. Competitors participate in a hypothetical appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The competition involves writing a brief as either respondent or petitioner and then arguing the case in front of the mock court.

Team 1:           Kelly Carranza, Jenna Dafoe, Arianna Deskins
Team 2:           
Coaches:         Professors Karen Henning, Michelle Richards 

William McGee Civil Rights Moot Court Competition

The William E. McGee National Civil Rights Moot Court Competition is an inter-scholastic appellate moot court competition sponsored by the University of Minnesota Law School. Its mission is to promote interest, reflection and discourse among law students, law faculty and members of the practicing bar and bench in the substance, procedure and practice of civil rights law and to provide opportunity to interested law students to develop the oral advocacy and writing skills essential to be successful appellate practitioners.

Team:              Kristina Joseph, Hussein Rahal, and Robert Berlin

Coach:             Professor Deborah Paruch

Dean jerome prince memorial evidence Moot Court Competition

The Dean Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition is named in honor of the late Jerome Prince, renowned evidence scholar, teacher, and author of Prince on Evidence, who served as Dean of Brooklyn Law School from 1953-1971. The competition is hosted in the spring on Brooklyn Law School’s campus in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. The competition provides law students from across the country an opportunity to write an appellate brief addressing evidentiary issues in a contemporary context. Each year, distinguished scholars and judges join the competition’s final bench. 

Team :             Conor Fitzpatrick and Hillary Zuzow

Coach:             Professor Gary Maveal

uc davis national asylum & refugee law Moot Court Competition

The UC Davis Asylum & Refugee Law National Moot Court Competition is the only competition in the nation devoted exclusively to the topic of asylum and refugee law. It is also the only immigration law moot court competition on the West Coast. The competition provides law students from across the country the opportunity to participate in a hypothetical appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Competitors will write a brief as either respondent or petitioner on an issue related to asylum and refugee law. Shortly after submitting their briefs, students will participate in oral arguments. Students’ briefs and oral arguments will be judged by prominent judges, attorneys and scholars that specialize in the areas of immigration law and/or appellate advocacy.

Team:              Michael Marx, Brandon Warzybok, and Sydney Booth

Coach:             Professor David Koelsch

National veterans law Moot Court Competition

First organized in 2009, the National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition (formerly the Veterans Law Appellate Advocacy Competition) is the nation’s premier moot court competition focusing on veterans law.  Hosted every fall in Washington, D.C., the competition brings together teams of students from around the country to argue cutting edge veterans law issues before panels of distinguished practitioners and judges. The NVLMCC prides itself on it authenticity of it problems and the quality of its judges. The record on appeal for each competition is highly detailed and the documents included look like the evidence that would be found in a real veterans law case.  The judges for the briefs and the oral arguments are drawn from the ranks of experienced veterans law practitioners, which results in very realistic oral arguments.  In particular, the final round of each NVLMCC has been judged by a panel of actual judges of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in the CAVC's courtroom.  Few, if any, moot court competitions can boast an experience that is so true to actual practice.

Team:              Brett Vasicek, Cory Foglesong

Coach:             Professor Margaret Costello

New york city bar association National moot court competition

Every year, over 150 law schools compete in the regional rounds throughout the U.S., and the winners advance to the final rounds held at the New York City Bar. This widely–recognized National Moot Court Competition allows law students to hone their appellate advocacy skills by arguing before prominent members of our profession.

Team:             Zac Clark, Holly Lowe, and Michael Alvaro

Coach:            Professor Michelle Richards