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Since 1916, the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review has contributed to the legal scholarship of the State of Michigan and the nation.  The UDM Law Review articles have been cited in opinions from the United States Supreme Court, United States Circuit Courts of Appeals, and numerous state supreme courts.

This student-led organization publishes four issues a year and hosts an annual symposium in the spring to discuss topics of developing legal significance and scholarly debate. The Law Review also strives to provide opportunities for its members to improve their research, writing, and analytical skills, as well as develop a greater sense of the culture of the legal profession.

News and Events

February 2014

Our Law Review is delighted to announce details regarding our upcoming symposium, and we are excited to announce our new Executive Board for the 2014-2015 academic year.

First of all, our symposium is scheduled for Friday, March 7, 2014, and it will take place in the UDM Law atrium, located at 651 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48226. This years topic is “Going to Seed:  Urban Agriculture in Distressed Cities.” This symposium will bring together both national scholars and local leaders to assess the role urban agriculture plays in the economic recovery of economically distressed cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. This symposium will discuss topics that dig into the ground-level details of current urban farming efforts in major American cities. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

In addition, the current UDM Law Review E-board has announced their replacements for next year. The Executive Board of the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review for the 2014-2015 academic year is as follows:

Editor in Chief - Mikyia Aaron

Executive Editor of Inside Articles - Dan Burkhart

Executive Editor of Outside Articles - Amanda Gougeon

Managing Editor – John Abbo

The current Executive Board is confident this group will be able to uphold the standards of excellence that this Law Review has demonstrated for almost a century, and it would like to wish the best of luck to the new Executive Board for the 2014-2015 academic year.


UDM Law Review is very pleased to announce the publishing of Volume 90-3. This volume features three fascinating articles by former and current students. The first article is titled “Guilty Plea Colloquies in Michigan after Padilla,” and the author is our former Law Review Editor and Chief, Alison L. Carruthers. The second article is titled “Are We Removing Citizens? The Contentious Legal Issue Surrounding the Interpretation of the Former Derivative Citizenship Statute and Why Lawful Permanent Resident Status Is Not Required,” and the author is a recent alumni of UDM Law, Christopher Dutot. The third article is titled “De Novo: A Proposed Compromise to Closing the Naturalization Review Loophole,” and the author is a current UDM Law Student, Daniel Makled. This volume is available for order on the website, and it can be accessed at the UDM Law Library. Stay tuned for information regarding this year’s UDM Law Review Symposium!

march 2013

The Law Review is pleased to announce the incoming Executive Board for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The Executive Board is as follows:

Alex Petrik - Editor-in-Chief
Patrick Walbridge - Executive Editor of Outside Articles
Ryan Brown - Executive Editor of Inside Articles
Nadine Jamil - Managing Editor

The remaining positions within the Law Review are:

Gerta Rapo - Symposium Director
Sean Murphy - Online Editor

Title Editors:
Hameed Dakroub
Marlon Leone
Melissa Rubino
Noor Toma
Blaine Veldhuis
Ariana Deskins

The Law Review congratulates each of the listed individuals and wishes them the best of luck in the completion of their duties in the upcoming year. 


Planning for the Third Annual Symposium "Global Michigan: Immigration and Economic Growth" is in its final stages.  We are pleased to be hosting Governor Rick Snyder as our keynote speaker.  We will also be featuring three panels of distinguished experts from across the United States and Canada.
Panel 1: Local Approaches to Immigration: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat
Moderator Susan Reed, Director, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center-Welcoming Michigan
Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director, American Immigration Council
Reem Bahdi, Associate Dean, Windsor Law
Steve Tobocman, Global Detroit
Panel 2: High-Skilled and Low-Skilled Immigrants: Can Both Be Valued and Promoted?
Moderator Andrew Moore, Professor, UDM Law
Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow, Brookings Metropolitan Program
Ross Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute
Cindy Estrada, Vice President, United Auto Workers
Panel 3: The "Friendly" Border: Economic and Human Rights Issues on the Canada-U.S. Border
Moderator David Koelsch, Professor, UDM Law
Sharryn J. Aiken, Associate Dean, Queen's University
Lisa Atkins, Director of Immigration Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Roy Norton, Canadian Consul General



The Law Review is proud to announce the area of focus for the upcoming 2013 Live Symposium.  The Third Annual Law Review Symposium will address how immigration laws, policies, and regulations can stifle or promote economic growth.  The Detroit metropolitan region experienced dramatic economic shifts in recent years and, among other strategies, political and economic leaders are encouraging immigrants to come to the region to serve as a catalyst for economic growth.  Panelists of national experts will address a number of topics: changes needed in federal laws and regulations to encourage immigrant job-creators and entrepreneurs to come to the U.S.; strategies to address short- and long-term needs of a post-industrial economy through greater workforce mobility; how less-skilled immigrants can also be welcomed without affecting employment opportunities of U.S. workers; and partnerships between Canada and the U.S. to promote cross-border regional economic development.

The Symposium will be held on Friday, March 8, 2013 at the Detroit Athletic Club.

April 2012

On Friday, April 20, 2012, the Law Review hosted its annual banquet at the Detroit Yacht Club. At the banquet, several students were honored for their exceptional service to UDM’s Law Review. The students and their respective awards are listed below:

Frank S. Sengstock Award for Excellence in Legal Writing:

Alexandra Smith

Law Review Outstanding Editor:

Kathleen Halloran

Jason Long Award For Excellence in Source Checking:

Dan Bonucchi

Congratulations and thanks to these individuals for their dedication to the betterment of UDM’s Law Review. Additionally, the Law Review’s new Executive Board Members, Symposium Director, Online Editor, Title Editors, and published authors, were announced at the banquet.

The incoming members of the Executive Board are:

Alison Carruthers – Editor-in-Chief

Melinda DeSantis – Executive Editor of Outside Articles

Jessica Bond – Executive Editor of Inside Articles

J.B. Fanelli – Managing Editor

The incoming Title Editors are:

Renee Gruber; Laura Gibson; Rachael Soren; Nicole Simone; Dan Banucchi; Lawrence Opalewski; Chris Denny; Kelly Houk; and Maro Houhanisin.               

The Authors who were selected for Publication are:

Rachael Soren; Jessica LeFevre; Alexandra Smith; Alison Carruthers; Jessica Bond; Lawrence Opalewski; Nicole Simone; Renee Gruber; and Shannon Murphy.

Symposium Director:

Shannon Murphy

Online Editor:

Patrick McDonald




UDM Law Review would like to congratulate each of these individuals and wishes them the best of luck in the performance of their duties over the course of the next year.

MARCH 2012

On Friday, March 09, 2012, the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review hosted its 2012 Live Symposium at the Detroit Athletic Club. The symposium's theme was the future of intellectual property. The morning panels included a panel discussing the future of patent law, and the future of intellectual property law. The afternoon panels included the future of trademark law, and the future of copyright law.

UDM Law Review would like to thank the speakers for attending the symposium, as well as our Symposium Director Theodore L. Degenhardt, the Symposium Committee, and the Symposium Editors for organizing the event and ensuring its success.

November 2011

On November 1, the Law Review hosted our first in a series of published student author presentations for this academic year. These presentations provided an excellent preview of the notes and comments that will be published in Volume 89.  Thank you to all our featured speakers.

Melanie Duda: "Growing in the D: Revising Current Laws to Promote a Model of Sustainable City Agriculture"

Justin Evans: "Frustrating Commerce: The Ninth Circuit's Holding that Negative Equity is not Included in a Creditor's Purchase-Money Security Interest"

Grace Trueman: "Pocketing a Pretty Penny: Female Sexual Victimization and Private Contractors in the U.S. Immigration Detention System"

Peter Domas: "Eminent Domain: Detroit’s Struggle to Downsize"

July 2011

We are proud to announce the topic and location of our annual Symposium.  This year our panel of distinguished speakers will be discussing the many facets of intellectual property and the numerous changes and challenges that this practice of law is experiencing.  We are also happy to once again be returning to the prestigious Detroit Athletic Club.  Please stay tuned for a complete list or our featured speakers, which should be announced in the winter of 2012.

March 2011

On Friday, March 11th, 2011, the UDM Law Review hosted a Live Symposium at the Detroit Athletic Club consisting of two scholarly panels on Justice Thomas's jurisprudence in the broad areas of individual liberties (in the morning) and governmental powers (in the afternoon). The Keynote address was delivered over lunch by frequent Supreme Court litigator and former Thomas clerk, John C. Eastman.