J.D./L.E.D. Program

The course of study for the J.D./L.E.D. program will depend on whether students begin their studies at UDM Law or ITESM.  Students who begin their study at UDM Law in the J.D. portion of the program complete all UDM Law J.D. program requirements (90 credits) in three years.  

Students then transition to ITESM to complete the Mexican law courses. The amount of time at ITESM will vary depending on the individual student and his or her course of study.

UDM Law has support mechanisms to assist students with their Spanish proficiency.  UDM Law offers an Introduction to Mexican Law and Spanish Legal Terminology course free of charge to students. This course is designed to help even the most fluent Spanish language speakers transition into the study of Mexican law.  In addition, the University offers Spanish language courses at a reduced rate to students interested in building their Spanish proficiency.

Required courses for those who want to start the program at UDM.