Youth Justice Clinic (5110)

The Youth Justice Clinic will provide students with an opportunity to represent indigent youth in juvenile courts in the Detroit area. The Clinic will predominantly be a litigation clinic and its mission will be to provide client-centered representation to youth in all aspects of delinquency proceeding from preliminary inquiry to disposition. This Clinic will allow students to learn how to practice ethically, think independently, synthesize facts and legal principles and plan litigation strategies. Students will appear in court regularly for preliminary inquiries, pre-trial conferences and various hearings. In addition to interviewing clients, investigating facts and negotiating a case, the students will conduct motions and adjudications. Clinic students will work closely with the youth, their families, schools, communities and social service providers to address additional client needs. LAW 3350 Juvenile Justice or LAW 2100 Criminal Procedure are highly recommended.

Course Details

  • Credits: 3