Law Firm Program: Pre-trial Criminal Advocacy (7350)

Pretrial Criminal Advocacy will focus on developing students’ understanding of criminal advocacy from the initiation of charges through motions in limine dealing with evidentiary issues. An understanding of advocacy in our criminal justice system will be taught through three case files. Students will be required to act as prosecutors for one case file, defense attorneys as another case file, and then as judges in the last file. These case files, as well as substantive instructions on the various stages of the litigation, are contained in the book Criminal Pretrial Advocacy (West, forthcoming June 2012).

In addition to the prerequisite, students are strongly encouraged to take LAW 1140 Criminal Law and LAW 2220 Evidence.

There will be NO excused absences for this course as every class involves a court hearing.

Students will not be able to exercise the Pass/No Pass Option in this LFP.



Course Details

  • Credits: 3