Law Firm Program: International Commercial Arbitration (7190)

This course will provide the student the opportunity to engage in a simulated international commercial arbitration proceeding from its inception to the issuing of an Award. Students will act as associates in a law firm and engage in the types of activities an associate would handle when assigned to assist with an international commercial arbitration. Students will conduct research, draft memos, draft arbitration submissions and Terms of Reference, participate in a mock arbitration and analyze an arbitration award. Students also will draft an arbitration provision for a transactional agreement. The course will introduce students to international arbitration procedure and process, including controlling authority and rules of various international tribunals. Research, drafting exercises and/or oral presentations will be assigned weekly.

Open to students who have NOT taken a course in International Dispute Resolution or Law 6300 International Commercial Arbitration. 

Course Details

  • Credits: 3