Federal Criminal Law (6220)

This course will explore the nature and scope of the substantive federal criminal law, giving particular attention to the federal government’s role in proscribing crimes of violence, drug crimes, and other street-level criminal activity.  The course will begin by examining the bases for federal criminal jurisdiction and the constitutional and policy debates that have attended the increasing federalization of crime.  Students will then begin a study of specific federal crimes, including select federal homicides; drug crime; firearms offenses; and serious crimes against the state, including treason, espionage, and the criminal laws relating to terrorism.    Students will also explore group criminality and the substantive provisions that enable federal prosecution of violent criminal organizations, including federal conspiracy and racketeering law.  The course thus seeks to give students a deeper understanding of American criminal law and of the unique legal and policy issues associated with Congress’s definition of it.

Course Details

  • Credits: 3