Directed Research (4010)

Directed Research projects are supervised by resident faculty members. Faculty members shall not direct research for credit except in subjects in which they teach or have a particular expertise. Every student shall submit a rough draft of the paper. The instructor shall review the rough draft and make necessary corrections and suggestions. These should include direction of research, organization, legal reasoning and writing style. Detailed comments should be provided.

The research paper should be in acceptable law review form, unless good reason dictates otherwise. Proper citations, correct use of signals, and law review caliber writing style should be required. A student receiving one (1) hour credit should submit a paper of approximately 20 pages, exclusive of footnotes. A student writing for one hour credit should expect to put in about 45 to 60 hours work.

Students are required to possess a GPA of at least 2.50 or better to be eligible to participate in a Directed Research project for academic credit. 

Course Details

  • Credits: 1