3000 Series

Copyright Law (3120)

The course will study the rights of creators under Title 17 of the United States Code and analogous common law doctrines.

Corporate Governance (3530)

This course will examine the governance of business organizations in modern corporate America, with special emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of boards of directors of public, private and not-for-profit entities. 

Counseling and Negotiations (3780)

Theoretical and practical examination of principles of client counseling and negotiation. Simulations will allows students opportunity at skills development. 

Debtor-Creditor Relationships (3140)

This course covers the rights of creditors under state law, with particular emphasis on the enforcement of judgments through use of the writs of execution and garnishment. 

Employee Rights Law (3150)

This course provides a study of laws pertaining to employer-employee relations.

Entertainment Law: Film and Television (3331)

This course will focus on the legal problems and issues that arise upon the production of a film or television program. 

Environmental Law (3160)

This course provides an introduction to the legal and policy aspects of environmental protection. 

Estate and Gift Taxation (3730)

The course covers income, estate and gift taxation of gratuitous transfers, estates and trusts, including jointly-held property, pension benefits and life insurance.  

Federal Jurisdiction (3170)

An examination of the breadth, limits and nature of federal courts. 

Fourteenth Amendment (3110)

An examination of the Fourteenth Amendment, including the history of its adoption, the incorporation doctrine, procedural and substantive due process, equal protection, and state action.

Human Rights Law (3250)

This course will cover the developing international norms for human rights and the evolving methods of protecting human rights according to those norms.

Insurance Law (3180)

An analysis of the general principles of Insurance Law, emphasizing indemnity, subrogation, reinsurance, insurable interest and classification of risks. 

International Business Transactions (3190)

This course provides the "basics" of the most common forms of international business transactions...

International Environmental Law (3380)

This course will explore numerous environmental issues that have become the focus of both public and private international law, including global warming, the export of hazardous substances and environmental aspects of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

International Law (3200)

A study of the nature, sources, and evidence of International Law.