3000 Series

Administrative Law (3020)

The study of the administrative law process, concentrating on the functions and procedures of administrative agencies and judicial review of agency actions. 

Admiralty - Law (3030)

This course will provide an overview of Admiralty Law with special emphasis on such issues as maritime jurisdiction, collision, carriage of goods by sea, salvage, general average, maritime personal injury and the existence and enforcement of maritime liens. The course will also provide an overview as to special aspects of maritime practice and procedure.

Advanced Corporate and Partnership Tax (3660)

It will cover advanced topics in the taxation of corporations and partnerships, including corporate reorganizations, affiliated groups of corporations, partnership transfers and liquidations, and complex partnership allocations. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (3690)

This course is offered to students interested in acquiring knowledge of arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, client counseling and interviewing...

American Indian Law (3280)

This course will present a current and historical analysis of the legal relationships existing between Indian tribes, states and the United States. 

American Indian Law Practicum (3970)

This course is offered in cooperation with the Michigan Indian Judicial Association and the University of Detroit Mercy Indian Law Center.

American Inns of Court (3990)

The Law School has the only Michigan charter membership in the American Inns of Court Foundation, whose goals are instilling excellence in advocacy and professionalism. 

Antitrust Law (3050)

This course focuses on the legal control of competitive business activities by federal legislation and evolving judicial interpretation.

Bankruptcy (3130)

This course covers the process of collection, liquidation, and distribution of the estate of a bankrupt individual debtor...

Business Crimes (3920)

This course examines the history and current status of efforts to control corporate business activity through criminal sanctions.

Children and the Law Course - Law (3360)

The course looks at the legal issues relating to children and how the various legal, political, social, and economic institutions shape childhood. Particular attention will be given to the interplay between the often conflicting interests of children, parents, and the state.

Civil Trial Practice (3880)

A two-credit intensive course in the style developed by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).

Commercial Real Estate (3600)

This course provides an overview of the sbstantive legal and practical issues involving commerical real estate transactions.

Comparative Constitutional Law (3910)

This course explores selected topics in comparative constitutional law. It begins with an overview of the methodologies and goals of comparative constitutional study. 

Comparative Law (3080)

This course will examine the development, distribution, and current structure of the two dominant legal traditions in the world today: the Romano-Germanic civil law tradition and the Anglo-American common law tradition.