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Administrative Law (3020)

The study of the administrative law process, concentrating on the functions and procedures of administrative agencies and judicial review of agency actions. 

Advanced Advocacy (6000)

Advanced Advocacy was designed and is taught from the perspective that advocacy is more than applied skill; in its purest form, advocacy is a form of art. 

Advanced Corporate and Partnership Tax (3660)

It will cover advanced topics in the taxation of corporations and partnerships, including corporate reorganizations, affiliated groups of corporations, partnership transfers and liquidations, and complex partnership allocations. 

Advanced Legal Research (6370)

Advanced Legal Research covers both federal and Michigan legal research resources. A host of formats and databases will be taught, to include Westlaw and LexisNexis (new and traditional interfaces), other popular subscription databases, free legal Websites, and print resources (when required by law firms). 




Alternative Dispute Resolution (3690)

This course is offered to students interested in acquiring knowledge of arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, client counseling and interviewing...

American Indian Law (3280)

This course will present a current and historical analysis of the legal relationships existing between Indian tribes, states and the United States. 

American Indian Law Practicum (3970)

This course is offered in cooperation with the Michigan Indian Judicial Association and the University of Detroit Mercy Indian Law Center.

American Inns of Court (3990)

The Law School has the only Michigan charter membership in the American Inns of Court Foundation, whose goals are instilling excellence in advocacy and professionalism. 

American Legal History (3451)

This course surveys American legal history from the colonial period to the present day. 

Antitrust Law (3050)

This course focuses on the legal control of competitive business activities by federal legislation and evolving judicial interpretation.

Applied Legal Theory and Analysis (1080)

Applied Legal Theory and Analysis is a required first-year course that teaches students the fundamental lawyering skills of communication, research, legal analysis and reasoning, and problem solving.