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Each year, Detroit Mercy Law reports a variety of data to the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).  That information is published in the ABA LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools.  Links to that report appear below:

2017 (Fall 2015)

(Fall 2014)

2015 (Fall 2013)


Fall 2015 First-year Class

In addition to the data reported to the ABA and LSAC, you may be interested in the following information regarding the Detroit Mercy Law first-year class.

The age range of the Fall 2015 first-year class is from 21 to 53, with many returning to school after two or more years.

About 13 percent of this year's incoming class self-identified as either African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or multiracial according to U.S. Census Data.  53.5 percent of 1L students are women.

Where do our students come from?

This year, 56% of our first-year students are from outside of Michigan. Our first-year students come from the following states and provinces:

States and Provinces of Residence


British Columbia    




North Carolina

New Jersey

Nova Scotia 





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